Asked 29th Jan, 2019

Which software is most popular and useful to chemistry professional and useful for chemistry students ?

kindly give the software details and download link

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14th Sep, 2020
Mussuvir Pasha K M
Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Bellary
As a chemist these softwares one sholud installed in there pc or laptop
Ms office
And some computational softwares like
Gaussian 09
IF UR doing some magnetic study then
Phi software
Always ask raw data to analysts.

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30th Jan, 2019
Viny Alfiyah
Universitas Gadjah Mada
It depends on your needs, I suppose. ChemDraw is powerful to sketch Lewis structures, along with additional features (depends on the version you used) such as fragmentation, C-NMR and H-NMR spectra, converts from your structure to its IUPAC's nomenclature and vice versa, etc. But, if you want to do more computational calculation, some applications would do best like AMBER (you could apply for a fee waiver and get an academic license for free), DFTB+ (you are required to apply for a license too, which is free), Quantum Espresso, etc. If you want to do molecular docking, softwares like AutoDock would be useful.
Here is the link to download QE:
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30th Jan, 2019
Zafar Iqbal
Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Scifinder, is best for your organic synthesis, other software depends upon the instrument you are using
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31st Jan, 2019
Grant Simpson
University of Cambridge
MestReNova is very useful for processing NMR spectra. There is freeware equivalent called TopSpin which can do most of MestReNova can, though it is somewhat prone to crashing and there is a learning curve.
I'll echo Scifinder and ChemDraw that others have said above. I use both of those almost daily.
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31st Jan, 2019
Vladimir Khlebnikov
General Intermediates of Canada Inc.
I wouldn't call Scifinder a software in the context of this discussion. Scifinder is essentially a database of known chemical compounds; it is computerized now and accessible via the browser on your computer - which makes an impression that it is a piece of software.
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8th Apr, 2019
Mudassir Iqbal
Zhejiang University
Chem Draw & Origin
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25th Apr, 2019
T. H. Al-Noor
University of Baghdad
27th Mar, 2020
Stefano Sainas
Università degli Studi di Torino
MestReNova , ChemDraw professional for synthesis
Gold, Moe, Glide for computetional docking
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16th Apr, 2020
Quentin Perron
You can try it is a retro-synthetic analysis application, it is free!
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27th Jul, 2020
Fatemeh Mohajer
Alzahra University
there are many soft wares, it depends on your work.
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21st Aug, 2020
Ramin Javahershenas
Urmia University
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