Asked 31st Mar, 2020

What is the effect of colors on children?

I am currently for maths project creating a card game that focusses to improve subitizing for students' age between 6-9 years old. I now want to create the 'best' colors for the game but I am looking for research that shows the effect of colors toward children.
If you could help me or link me to research I'd highly appreciate it.

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24th May, 2020
Salah Mehdi Salih
Al-Mustansiriya University
Bright light colors give a positive effect, unlike dark colors, give a negative effect
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31st Mar, 2020
Anton Vrdoljak
University of Mostar
1st Apr, 2020
Maged Gumaan Bin-Saad
Aden University
Colors have a great impact on the activity and appetite of the child, for example, as red and orange colors can open their appetite for food, as they increase the feeling of heat and increase the feeling of hunger because they are two colors that affect the appetite of man in general
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4th Apr, 2020
Salah Mehdi Salih
Al-Mustansiriya University
If the colors are happy, make them feel happy
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7th Apr, 2020
Mustafa Musa Salih
University of Baghdad
make them happy or sad
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