Asked 29th Mar, 2020

Training Loss Vs Testing Loss (Machine and Deep Learning wise)?

Hey Colleagues,
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For any machine learning model, we evaluate the performance of the model based on several points, and the loss is amongst them. We all know that an ML model:
1- Underfits, when the training loss is way more significant than the testing loss.
2- Overfits, when the training loss is way smaller than the testing loss.
3- Performs very well when the training loss and the testing loss are very close.
My question is directed to the third point. I am running a DL model (1D CNN), and I have the following results: (Note that, my initial loss was 2.5)
- Training loss = 0.55
- Testing Loss = 0.65
Nevertheless, I am not quite sure if the results are acceptable. Since the training loss is a bit high (0.5). I tried to lower the training loss by giving more complexity to the model (Increasing the number of CNN layers and MLP layers); however, this is a very tricky process as whenever I increase the complexity of the architecture, the testing loss increases, and the model easily overfits.
Finally, to say that our model performed very well, should we get a low training loss (say less than 0.1) or my case is still considered good too?
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8th Apr, 2020
Arbab Faisal
COMSATS University Islamabad Abbottabad Campus
You can add more data or try to reshuffle the existing data i.e., Make new training and testing sets.
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29th Mar, 2020
Patrick Timmons
University College Dublin
That seems quite close really.
If you want to really get them closer, you could add a Dropout/SpatialDropout layer, which would help prevent overfitting.
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30th Mar, 2020
Majdi Flah
The University of Western Ontario
Mohammed Deeb, I think that I will go more with adding more data since my data is quite limited.
Mah Parsa Does BELiMs work with Time Series?
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