Asked 18th Jul, 2019

Is International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) correct?

is this journal okay
International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science (IJRISS) .

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18th Sep, 2020
Md. Shahin Parvez
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science & Technology University
Good Journal, You can Publish your paper

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20th Jul, 2019
Michal Bron Jr
S?dert?rn University
Dear Olatunde,
I guess you wonder whether this very journal is a predatory one or not. It seems to me that it is OK.
Saying that, I would like to urge you to do the checking by yourself – see "classical" Jeffrey Beall's list of predatory journals:
Please observe that updated list is at the bottom!
For updated version see:
Apart of googling journal's and editor's names you could rely on doing a quick search on and see how frequent are articles from this very journal.
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20th Jul, 2019
Olatunde Wright
Bowen University
Thank you so much
26th Jul, 2019
Samir G Pandya
Gujarat Arts and Science College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA. (Government College, Pincode - 380006.)
Dear Prof. Dr. Olatunde Wright,
This journal is not okay.
I hope the information will help you.
With Best Wishes,
Samir G. Pandya
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26th Jul, 2019
Olatunde Wright
Bowen University
Thank you.
18th Mar, 2020
Sunday Aja
Ebonyi State University
Why then do journals decieve people with wrong information?
20th Mar, 2020
Ahmed Simisaye
Tai Solarin University of Education
One has to be careful this days not to publish in predatory journals. They are numerous and lure academics to publish in them.
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The said journal is published by Research and Scientific Innovation Society which is identified by Beall’s List as a predatory publisher. check at
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26th Jun, 2020
Olatunde Wright
Bowen University
Thank you sir.
i would request you check out journals under Taylor and Francis, and Emerald.
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28th Jun, 2020
Omar Ben Haman
University of Tasmania
1st Jul, 2020
Emna Maazoun Zayani
University of Sfax
Does this journal have an impact factor?
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30th Aug, 2020
Thomas Otieno Juma
Moi University
very much okey , it depends on the
quality of your work.
30th Aug, 2020
Rob Keller
Charlemagne College, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
The journal “International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science” is published by “Research and Scientific Innovation Society” and is as indicated by Raphael Kanyire Seidu a potential predatory publisher included in the Beall’s list:
This by itself is already a red flag for being predatory however not (always) enough. However, there are additional red flags:
-Papers have no DOI and no submission/acceptance info
-Publication fee is unrealistically low (USD 20)
-Besides meaningless indexing ( is no official indexing agency) no serious indexing
-The emblem is remarkably similar to that of Elsevier, looks like an attempt to mislead
-Papers I checked are not available in Google Scholar so even this claim is false
This publisher proves that the evolution in predatory publishing moves on. The website (and the papers) looks remarkably professional so unaware of the phenomenon predatory publishing this publisher (and its journals) will make more victims. However, looking at the above-mentioned facts/observations I think that the conclusion is predatory so better to avoid.
Best regards.
PS. Michal Bron Jr potential predatory journals can, as you said, be found in the so-called stand-alone list (original and updated list) but more often the publisher behind it is listed in the publishers list (and automatically all journals published by this publisher are suspect). So check both and
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14th Sep, 2020
Ahmed Simisaye
Tai Solarin University of Education
Thanks for your submission, they are very useful for me.
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