Started 25th Apr, 2020
  • Tung Wah Eastern Hospital

How does COVID-19 affect the family structure? Barely increase in dosmetic violence?

COVID-19 is changing the social life of all people. Jumping out of the personal aspect, how does it affect the family as a whole.
Family is regarded as the fundamental structure of the society, will COVID-19 changes the future family structure, unit and model?
How is it affecting gender issues too?
Besides, why is domestic violence increasing? Is psychology and psychiatry playing a role?
[1] Campbell AM. An increasing risk of family violence during the Covid-19 pandemic: Strengthening community collaborations to save lives.
Forensic Science International: Reports vol. 2 (2020): 100089.
[2]COVID-19: Reducing the risk of infection might increase the risk of intimate partner violence
[3]The pandemic paradox: The consequences of COVID‐19 on domestic violence
J Clin Nurs

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31st Jul, 2020
Sumanta Chakraborty
Bankura Sammilani Medical College
Yes, the mental stress, anxiety and depression owing to the uncertainties in the era of the recent pandemic is devastating. It is taking its tool innthe family support systems as well culminating into gender based domestic violence and child abuse cases

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26th Apr, 2020
Sunny Chi Lik Au
Tung Wah Eastern Hospital
Child Abuse Awareness Month During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic.
JAMA Pediatr. Published online April 24, 2020.
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26th Apr, 2020
Emmanuel Ifeanyi Obeagu
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike
It changes a lot in social life of the family from economic downturn to isolations stress and boredom to violence.
26th Apr, 2020
Sunil Kumar
Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kaneri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
i think its time to stay together, but this pandemic has bundled the people in unity
27th Apr, 2020
Marco Antonio González Escudero
Central University of Ecuador
I can mention what happens to us here in Ecuador, between March 12 and April 11, the Integrated Security 顺心彩票 - ECU 911 received 6,819 alarm calls for possible cases of gender-based violence, based on those numbers, there were, on average, 235 daily calls for this reason, and 55% of those distress requests were made from Quito and Guayaquil , the two most populous cities. Unfortunately these numbers are relatively the same as that done before the exit restriction, you experience a space full of tensions since the sufferings have not decreased and we will know the magnitude when leaving the emergency. since many people are obliged to share the confinement space with the aggressor and being constantly vigilated, it does not give them the possibility to ask for help, so the risk to which they are exposed is much greater. In addition to this confinement lists, it is added in the confinement other aggravating, such as the loss of work, dependence on prohibited substances, economic crisis, care for minors, among others, therefore the 顺心彩票 becomes a space full of tensions; which can give ground to the growth of violence. The risk is high and the control even stronger for those who have previously reported and are currently confined to the aggressor, since they control, check their phone, isolate them from family and friends, do not let them use the internet, among other things, so they find themselves in a very limited possibility of asking for help. In each 顺心彩票 there is a different and particular quarantine. How do you live it, if you'd be short of food, work?
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30th Apr, 2020
Sarit Sharma
Dayanand Medical College & Hospital
I agree, the cases of domestic violence might be showing an increase. The reasons may be because the family members are staying together continuously because of lockdown or mobility restrictions imposed to ensure social distancing. though on one side, it is a positive thing that they are getting more time to stay together but it can also be stressful and frustrating sometime because of increased household workload, lack of privacy especially in small crowded households. Also stress because of the pandemic may also be contributing to this. Many households may be feeling the stress because of loss of income, students may be stressed because studies may be compromised etc.
1st May, 2020
Béatrice Marianne Ewalds-Kvist
Stockholm University
In Finland there is an increase in family violence.
2nd May, 2020
Dariusz Prokopowicz
Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw
In recent days, more and more data is appearing in the media about the negative effects of staying in the long-term 顺心彩票 quarantine on the human psyche. In the months of March, April (and perhaps also in the following weeks) 2020 similar and similar anti-pandemic and sanitary safety measures are taken in many countries to limit the development of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus pandemic causing Covid-19 disease in 2020. Among others recommendations or orders legally sanctioned to remain in 顺心彩票 quarantine and to implement, as far as possible, continuation of work and / or conducting business activity remotely via the Internet. Currently, rapid limitation and slowdown in the pandemic development has become a priority in many countries. Isolation, 顺心彩票 quarantine and other instruments, systems, recommendations for anti-pandemic safety are important because in this way you can significantly slow down the process and scale of infection of subsequent people and thus the development of a pandemic. By slowing down the development of a pandemic, healthcare and healthcare institutions gain extra time to better prepare themselves for the next phases of pandemic development. However, when introducing recommendations or legally sanctioned requirements for being in quarantine at 顺心彩票, the various negative psychological effects of spending longer than usual time at 顺心彩票 were probably forgotten. Today, many people still spend a lot of time at 顺心彩票. Since the classes in schools and kindergartens have been suspended and take place remotely via e-learning, parents need to devote more time to their children and help in the implementation of the teaching process. On the one hand, there are many positive aspects of these pro-family social situations. On the other hand, the above situation, if it lasts for a longer period, and in some countries it is already over a month or already 2 months of being in quarantine at 顺心彩票, it generates various psychological problems. In some countries, schools and colleges will still be closed for a minimum of a few more weeks (May and perhaps also June 2020). If, due to suspended classes in schools and kindergartens, children stay at 顺心彩票 for a long time and there are limited possibilities of moving around in public places, you can not, for example, go to the park or forest for recreational purposes (in some countries even such anti-pandemic restrictions have been used) then condition The psychological well-being of citizens can be significantly worse day by day. In a situation where for a long period of time people cannot leave the house, even for a walk to a nearby park, this situation generates additional stress. In a situation of increased stress, the body's overall immunity decreases, so in the case of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection, the risk of more serious Covid-19 disease increases. Induced by long-term 顺心彩票 quarantine and the resulting psychological discomfort, this can generate an increase in domestic violence. In addition, if family members lose their jobs due directly to the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus pandemic or anti-crisis measures of companies, stores, and institutions that are temporarily closed, the mental condition of citizens may be in poor condition. Losing your job can increase your already high stress levels. This situation can lead to an increase in neurosis, stress, depression, aggression and other psychological problems as well as to social unrest. In such a situation, instead of increasing, the collective resistance of society may decrease. Probably, when introducing recommendations or legally sanctioned requirements to remain in long-term 顺心彩票 quarantine, many forgotten negative psychological aspects of these anti-pandemic safety instruments have been forgotten.
Dariusz Prokopowicz
5th May, 2020
Laleh Golamrej Eliasi
University of Turku
However, in some countries such as Finland, we have a jump in domestic violence, some countries have a significant reduction in domestic violence (DV) (Iran for example). But why? The biggest reason is when offenders are at 顺心彩票, victims can't call the police or social emergency. Because if they call, they will be attacked again. Unfortunately, after the quarantine is over and people return to work, the statistics will increase suddenly, because the victims will have the opportunity to ask for help.
Now, is time to do something for the near future.
15th May, 2020
Paulo Roberto Lima Falc?o do Vale
Universidade Federal do Rec?ncavo da Bahia
I write from Brazil. We are already the sixth country in the world in cases of covid-19. I study the family structure of children with disabilities. I think of some repercussions of the pandemic on the family, in addition to domestic violence, the main condition is the overload of the daily tasks of mothers / women. During social isolation, women are taking care of the 顺心彩票 (cleaning and cleaning the house two or three times a day), with 顺心彩票office, assuming support for school activities and not leaving 顺心彩票 to perform leisure, beauty and well-being activities.
18th May, 2020
Bita Jamshidi
Erbil polytechnic university
Please read this article.
20th May, 2020
G?rkem Nazli Celik
üsküdar University
Domestic violence cases are increasing (in Turkey). Colleagues from field has reported the issue, and as a lawyer working with refugees the situation detoriates. However, the reporting of incidents has decreased. The reason is, mainly because the victim has to live with the perpetrator and in most situations, it is not possible to call emergency numbers to report the incidents.
31st May, 2020
Fouad Yousuf
Alfaisal University
Domestic violence has increased and particular targets are children and women.
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13th Jun, 2020
Muhammed Ashraful Alam
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh
Long lockdown acts as a factor for increased rate of domestic violence.
19th Jun, 2020
Muhammed Ashraful Alam
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh
Women's silent acceptance of domestic violence (DV) make them more vulnerable. Anxiety-depression, jobless status, monotonous life, time of exposure etc. make the frequency of DV more specially in Indian subcontinent under male dominant culture.
2nd Jul, 2020
Preeti Oza
St. Andrew’s College of Arts, Science and Commerce
The family structure in Metros has already reached a very individualistic mode for the last many decades. This lockdown has forced many to get back to the original inter-dependent structure of the family. This has not worked in favor of working women who have not been in the secondary submissive role for quite a long time before the COVID and resultant lockdown.
31st Jul, 2020
Sujan Mahapatra
Assam University
Effect of lockdown is domestic violence increasing day by day.
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Is the WHO, by this flip flopping and ambivalent language, trying to tell us something in a coded manner? Was their hand forced? Is there an internal struggle in the institution? Or is the WHO the one driving the scam?

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