Asked 19th Mar, 2015

Has anyone tried using PhotoMath? Is it useful for you?

PhotoMath is a new application for solving math problems by capturing their images. Do you think it will be also useful for solving math proofs? What do you think?

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24th May, 2020
Abdelkader Mohamed Elsayed
Benha University - Dhofar University
Victor Christianto , Nice Topic.

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Dear Victor, the app seems to be a very useful tool. I can see definite benefits and a lot of time savings if the app can deal with complexity. I think the people that would use it the most would be college students. I can even perceive grade school students using it. Though I do have to add that I still believe in doing math with paper and pencil. It seems to instill a greater understanding of the material.
I think that the level of complexity it can read handwriting to, will be the big test.
21st Mar, 2015
Victor Christianto
University of New Mexico
Thomas, thank you for your answer. Yes i agree on complexity. Yours
24th Jun, 2015
Moanes H. Tibi
Beit Berl College
Is it free to use!
20th May, 2020
Abdelkader Mohamed Elsayed
Benha University - Dhofar University
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