Started 28th Jul, 2019
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Do you like the mathematical representation for dialectical logic by author?

As a founder of making dialectical logic mathematically, author has constructed a mathematical expression for dialectical logic, and proofed the formal logic is only a special case in dialectical logic, see preprint titiled "mathematical foundation for dialectical logic" in my profile, then do you admit author's viewpoints in this field?

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25th May, 2020
Salah Mehdi Salih
Al-Mustansiriya University
25th May, 2020
Yaozhi Jiang
Shijiazhuang Iron & Steel Co. Ltd
To Salah Mehdi Salih,
Thanks for reply!
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A dialectical contradiction can be appropriately described within the framework of classical formal logic. It is in harmony with the law of noncontradiction. According to our definition, two theories make up a dialectical contradiction if each of them is consistent and their union is inconsistent. It can happen that each of these two theories has a...
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People can be taught to manipulate symbols according to formal mathematical and logical rules. Cognitive scientists have traditionally viewed this capacity-the capacity for symbolic reasoning-as grounded in the ability to internally represent numbers, logical relationships, and mathematical rules in an abstract, amodal fashion. We present an altern...
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