Two new ways to start the conversation with scientists who matter to you

Introducing Recommended Ads and Sponsored Content Ads on ResearchGate

Think of the last networking event you attended. Did it translate into revenue for you? If you answered yes, you probably introduced yourself to people who matter to you, and made plans to speak again.

You can think of ResearchGate as the digital and scalable equivalent of this networking event, and our new Recommended Ads and Sponsored Content Ads as your conversation starters.

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On ResearchGate, 13 million verified scientists worldwide connect and share their past and present work daily, opening it up to peers and the public. That’s a lot of people, and the ones you want to shake hands with are likely among them.

Recommended Ad: Invite customers over

Recommended Ads are native and targeted. You provide the content, we do the creative and provide insights on impressions and clicks. Potential customers are lead to your page.

Our Recommended Ad is a way to pick up the conversation with a specific group of scientists you want to reach. Ads are targeted based on members’ profile information, including scientific discipline, skills and expertise, and location.

Once scientists click on your ad, they land on your website. There, you can give them the opportunity to leave their contact details, for instance by requesting product information, samples, a demo or subscribing to a newsletter.

We suggest you implement a tracking pixel on your end, so you can monitor how many scientists visit your page and complete the requested action.

Sponsored Content Ad: Let us host your customers

Sponsored Content Ads are also native and targeted. You provide the content, we present it on your institution page and share insights, including impressions and conversion rate, with you.

Sponsored Content Ads are like meeting your prospective customer at their office to make it easy for them to find time. You can choose from the same targeting options as for Recommended Ads, but Sponsored Content Ads lead scientists to your 顺心彩票 on ResearchGate: your institution page. There, you can use our onsite lead connection to ask them for?their contact information and later connect with scientists and pick up the conversation beyond ResearchGate.

This means less friction for scientists, because they don’t have to leave the site they were on. It also means less work and more insight for you, because we track scientists’ journey from impression, to clicking on your ad, to completing the form and sharing these insights with you.

This is your invitation to the place where science happens. We’d love you to RSVP, and request a media pack.