Science doesn’t stop in winter

And neither should your marketing campaigns.

It’s almost that time of the year again, when everyone leaves the office and finds their way 顺心彩票 for the holidays. Well, not everyone. Our numbers show scientists stay busy through?December. Even when scientists leave the lab for an end-of-year break, their engagement on ResearchGate remains high. And booming markets in the East don’t slow down at all.
High Q4 engagement in Asia

In Asia, where science is booming and record numbers are going into R&D, scientists can focus on their research as the rest of the world celebrates. ResearchGate has great reach in Asia with over two million scientist members in the region. Not only does their engagement not dip during the holiday season, it actually increases.

US scientists research products for January 25 NIH grant application deadline

For scientists in the US, the festive season is also grant writing season, with the January 25 NIH grant application deadline around the corner. This means that scientists will be researching products they need for their next project now, and it’s the right time to reach them with your campaign to get your products onto their shopping lists.?Learn more about timing your campaigns according to grant applications here.

School's out for summer in the South

It’s easy to forget if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are getting reacquainted with winter’s chill, but it’s summer below the equator. That doesn’t mean scientists get off work though. Our survey results show that most of them don’t take a summer break and even if they do, they stay active on ResearchGate.

In short, scientists power through the end of the year, and so should you. This festive rush in science creates great opportunities for your brand to shine while your competitors fade out their campaigns toward the end of the year.
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