Science doesn't stop in the summer

If you spent your summer in the lab, you're not alone.

It’s a common misconception that when university classes end for the summer, scientists go on vacation for months. In reality, our numbers suggest summer is a time for scientists to get work done without being interrupted by classes and meetings.?Here's what we found out when we asked 3,000 researchers on ResearchGate about their summer plans:

If scientists go on vacation at all, they’re not gone for long

Roughly 60% of the scientists we surveyed take some time off, but most are only gone for one or two weeks. Of those who don’t go on vacation in the summer, 70% said they never take any time off.

How long do scientists take off in summer?

Scientists spend more time at their benches during the summer

When asked which tasks they spend more time on, many scientists report that they catch up on experiments, reading, and writing scientific papers during the summer months. 60.6% of scientists said they had more time for research in the summer.

Visits and engagement on ResearchGate remain high

Sessions by month

Even if scientists do make it to the beach, most take their research with them. About 84% say they check ResearchGate on vacation, and that’s reflected in our traffic numbers. There’s no significant summer dip in people viewing content on ResearchGate, and the number of members who log in to the network is just as high as in other seasons. So, science never stops, and neither does ResearchGate.

Photo by?Etienne Girardet.