Now is the time to continue hiring in science

Scientists are spending significantly more time online, according to ResearchGate behavioral data from more than 17-million global researchers. Because other organizations might be shifting their focus away from STEM talent acquisition, now is actually an opportune moment to recruit top researchers, given the comparatively quiet jobs market.

The economic recession is compelling companies and research institutions to rethink their strategies in order to contain costs. While it might not feel within reach to maintain recruitment right now, your organization will always need bright researchers to carry out its important work. Continuing your candidate engagement and selection process when others have dialed down their activity means you gain a competitive advantage.

Here’s why now is an ideal time to recruit STEM professionals:

Less competition, more opportunities

While pausing recruitment activities might seem like a smart cost-saving technique, the current economic climate provides a unique opportunity to gain easier access to scientific talent. Other companies or academic institutions might not be focused on hiring researchers, and the relative lack of competition puts you in prime position to attract the best scientists helping you to select and recruit them faster, at a better cost per hire.?

The fact that recruitment may not be top of mind for some organizations doesn’t mean scientists aren’t thinking about changing jobs. Our own survey data, collected from 3,000 researchers when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, indicates that one in two researchers are right now actively looking for career opportunities. Every organization is understandably making workforce adjustments at this time, so it’s natural that even the most talented STEM professionals might be evaluating alternative career opportunities. When the time comes to initiate new projects, you will need great researchers to take them forward — and right now, you have the possibility to recruit them quickly and easily.

Highly receptive audience

A significant portion of the world’s population is spending more time at 顺心彩票. Whether they are still working remotely or browsing the web for scientific activity, researchers are spending more time online than ever. We have seen a 20% increase in sign-ups to ResearchGate and a similar boost in traffic to our site and time spent on the platform. Attract potential candidates’ attention by promoting your research vacancies in our scientific network — where STEM professionals come to advance their science, and their careers.

Now that conferences and career fairs aren’t taking place, you need to go where research talent is going — online. ResearchGate survey data indicates that 78% of scientists prefer to learn about new job opportunities while working or browsing online. Now is an important moment to engage with potential new hires when and where they are most receptive.?

The first step to rebuilding

It’s natural to think uncertainty calls for caution. The future is unclear you may not know when your region will return to full normalcy, when your research teams will be able to fully work in their facilities again, and how the global economic climate will ultimately pan out. That said, you do know that, in order for your organization to thrive, it needs talented researchers to drive scientific progress, and now might just be the best time to hire them.

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