New guidebook: Optimize STEM hiring in uncertain times

With career fairs and conferences cancelled, and furloughed or fired talent flooding the markets, organizations now have a unique opportunity to secure top research talent with a fully-digital recruitment strategy.?

In the face of COVID-19 and drastic economic contraction, scientists and researchers have begun engaging the job market in new ways. Right now you have a? clear opportunity to connect with them via digital recruitment solutions, given a changed hiring landscape. In this guidebook, ResearchGate — the world’s leading professional network for scientists to discover research, connect with their peers, and advance their STEM careers — offers its data-driven answer to the uncertainty of the moment.?

Now is the time to build your employer brand

While it might be tempting to go quiet and cease communications with current and prospective employees, organizations must harness this unique moment to showcase what they can offer to the best and brightest STEM talent. Due to disruptions in career fairs and conferences, where organizations can traditionally connect with star research talent, a new, digital-first approach is necessary to communicate your workplace values and make a meaningful impression on researchers.

You can bank on Candidate Search

Once ‘business as usual’ resumes, competition for candidates will be fierce, as companies will be reactivating their STEM hiring simultaneously. Therefore, now is the moment to stay productive — and ahead of competitors. Building a talent pool and engaging with top research talent today will secure your competitive advantage over organizations that haven’t done such prep work. The positive impact on metrics, like time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, will deliver a return on investment far greater than any short-term savings.?

Today’s competitive hiring advantage

The economic recession is compelling companies and research institutions to rethink their strategies in order to contain costs. While it might not feel within reach to maintain recruitment right now, your organization will always need bright researchers to carry out its important work. Continuing your candidate engagement and selection process when others have dialed down their activity means you gain a competitive advantage. As such, now is an ideal time to recruit STEM professionals.?

Read the full guidebook to access stats and facts about researcher behavior online, and STEM recruitment insights. At this uncertain time, recruitment professionals who stay nimble and go digital can come out on top.