Introducing recommendations to your stats page

Say goodbye to?profile views on your stats page and hello to?recommendations –?a new way to see how your research is recognized

We believe that the best way to highlight your accomplishments is to?focus on your work and how it is seen by other researchers.

This is why we are introducing?recommendations?to your stats.

Recommendations give you a new way to see the influence of your work by showing you how often others have recommended your research to their network.

On your stats page you now see how many recommendations your research got each week. And you'll also find more details on which of your work was recommended the most, and who recommended it.

Whenever?you discover high-quality publications and other research, questions and answers, and project updates that you’d like to share with your network, just click the recommend button. People in your network will see your recommendation in their 顺心彩票 feeds, and the authors' will get notified that you recommended their work.

Please note that with the introduction of recommendations, we’ve also retired endorsements which were used to recognize researchers' skills and expertise.?We believe recommendations better reflect your accomplishments because they’re focused on your research, letting your work shine through.

Check your stats?to find out who has recommended your work.

Got some feedback? We’re looking forward to hearing from you.