Introducing Employer Branding on ResearchGate

Recruiting and hiring talented scientists and researchers is increasingly competitive, and traditional talent attraction methods have to keep up with today’s workforce. It’s a STEM candidate’s job market, where prospective employees have the luxury of choice. Organizations looking to source the best researchers already know that the usual tactics — posting job ads on an institutional website, attending career fairs, word-of-mouth recruitment — are no longer enough.

The best, diverse talent can’t always be found locally — and 94% of academic researchers are willing to relocate for the right research role, according to a recent survey of 10,000 international scientists. Furthermore, academia and industry are racing to attract the brightest senior candidates and the most promising recent graduates. And in an online world, the ‘always on’ demands of digital communication require a steady stream of recruitment marketing so that organizations are top-of-mind when scientists and researchers are looking for the next opportunity.

In response to this need, ResearchGate’s Employer Branding Solution helps you broadcast your organization’s message, enhance your employer profile, and meaningfully connect with the world’s leading audience of scientists and researchers online.?

For both the advanced talent attraction specialist and the team just beginning to explore recruitment marketing, employer branding enables organizations to promote awareness of what they can offer employees, both in terms of their work culture and research opportunities.

Employer branding enables organizations to promote awareness of what they can offer employees
Employer branding enables organizations to promote awareness of what they can offer employees.

Recruitment starts before you post a job ad

The recruitment process starts long before you post a job ad or contact a potential candidate. It actually begins with your organization’s reputation within the scientific community. This is about the awareness and perception of what you can offer employees as a workplace, as well as the research work you’re conducting.?

When your organization is top-of-mind among the right researchers, and when the story you’re telling appeals to their needs and interests, they’re far likelier to apply for a job at your organization when the right opportunity arises. Online talent attraction is an integral component of a digital recruitment strategy because it allows scientists and researchers to have access to the information they need to make informed decisions about their careers.
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Employer branding makes recruitment faster, with higher quality applicants

In today’s competitive talent market, attracting skilled scientists is no easy feat. Now more than ever, recruitment operations require time and cross-department cooperation. ResearchGate’s Employer Branding product is designed to optimize your recruitment efforts — to ensure time, money, and human resources are maximized.

Our solution enables you to tell stories about your organization’s mission, highlighting the exciting research work you enable and, importantly, the exceptional people that define your workplace culture.?

You can utilize text, images, and links to videos and other content to showcase aspects of your employer brand. It might be a story about your diverse workforce, the daily lives of your team, the novel methods used by your research teams, or the impact of their research output on the world.?

ResearchGate’s Employer Branding product is designed to optimize your recruitment efforts.
ResearchGate’s Employer Branding product is designed to optimize your recruitment efforts.

With a sophisticated advertising tool, you can then broadcast your stories to a targeted audience of scientists and researchers who are already on ResearchGate for their day-to-day research work. You can target researchers based on their location, scientific field, and career level — ensuring you deliver your message to the right person, at the right time.

Top-of-mind brand awareness delivers real, functional benefits. If executed on a regular, consistent basis, these benefits include the number and quality of applications your organization receives, and a reduction in vacancy-to-hire times. This means that your roles are filled faster and by the best possible fit for the position.?

Establishing your organization as a center of excellence on ResearchGate is an exciting step forward for your recruitment strategy. It’s ResearchGate’s mission to help you build the best teams in science. Our full-funnel suite of digital solutions will help you attract, recruit, and source the world’s top researchers and scientists.?
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