Hire top STEM talent with ResearchGate Scientific Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment and talent acquisition professionals hiring in STEM deserve next-level tools to connect with the world’s best researchers. ResearchGate is the professional network for scientists, with 16-million registered researchers. Our digital hiring solutions are designed to help organizations build the best teams in science. Our Employer Branding, Jobs, and Candidate Search products work in concert with one another to help you attract, recruit, and source the best STEM talent. We work with world leaders in industry and academia, in support of the STEM hiring process. Learn more about how our Scientific Recruitment Solutions can work for you and your organization.

Employer Branding

Employer Branding is the cornerstone of a sound long-term recruitment strategy. By broadcasting stories about your workplace culture and research work, you can build lasting relationships with future and current employees. Feature stories about your diverse teams, core values, research environment, and research output. Ensure your stories are seen by the most relevant audience with targeting options across discipline, career level, and geography.?


ResearchGate’s Jobs product includes a traditional job board, in-network job advertisements delivered via a sophisticated algorithm, and a targeted email digest featuring relevant jobs. Your organization’s jobs are continually optimized to ensure your target audience has the opportunity to view your job while utilizing our network. We provide ongoing support to help your organization maximize its reach and laser-focus the most relevant scientists required to receive more, and higher-quality, applications.??

Candidate Search

Candidate Search helps recruiters actively source top scientific professionals. It can be used to build your talent pool, and is an especially valuable tool for filling highly specialized, niche, senior, or otherwise hard-to-fill roles. Uniquely, Candidate Search allows you to investigate the actual science and research output of a potential candidate, in order to assess their appropriateness for a job. Another key feature of Candidate Search includes directly messaging top candidates, to strike up a conversation and jumpstart the hiring process.?

Hire the best in STEM

ResearchGate firmly believes that STEM professionals can help address some of our planet’s most pressing problems. The organizations that support research work — from industry and academia, to medicine and society — require the best hiring solutions in order to advance scientific research progress. Our Employer Branding, Jobs, and Candidate Search tools provide the resources that you need in order to build the best teams in medicine, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
Do you want to build the best teams in science??ResearchGate’s Scientific Recruitment Solutions?will unlock your access to the world’s largest professional network of 16+ million registered scientific researchers.?Contact us to find out how our full-funnel suite of recruitment solutions can help you attract, recruit, and source the best in science today.

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