Celebrating 13 million scientists and a million projects

For hundreds of years, scientists conducted their work in secrecy. You’re changing that now.

Today we celebrate 13 million members on ResearchGate. That’s 13 million scientists conducting research at universities and research institutes around the world, at corporations working on tomorrow’s technologies, or contributing to progress as independent researchers. On ResearchGate, you all come together and make our mission a reality: you connect the world of science and make research open to all.

By freely sharing and discovering research, you’re already spearheading a movement toward network-driven collaboration in science. Now you’re taking it to the next level with Projects, a feature we released last year for sharing and discovering research in real-time. Projects enable collaboration, help to show the full picture by sharing findings that are traditionally not published, and in result, speed up scientific progress.

In one year, you created more than one million projects that show science as it happens – every day, by the hour, and by the minute.

Here's what science as it happens looks like

  • Our bodies are full of bacteria, and when we get sick, those microbial populations change. In this project, scientists monitor ICU patients’ microbiome to help them and their bacteria to recover.

  • In this project, scientists turn plant cells into efficient pharmaceutical factories. The technology could shape the future of vaccine production and be key to personalized medicine at scale.

  • Would we recognize life on Mars if we found it? The BIOMEX project attempts to answer this question by taking microbes to the ISS, exposing them to Mars-like conditions and analyzing the results.

Join science as it happens and create a project!?